Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru

by Siri Shabad Singh

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Dear Sangat Ji,

This video is composed of eleven repetitions of the Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru’s shabad.

Guru Ram Das (1534–1581) was the fourth of the ten Gurus of Sikhism. He was born in a poor Hindu and was orphaned at age 7.
Ram Das became the Guru of the Sikhs in 1574 and served as the Sikh leader until his death.

He is credited with founding the holy city of Amritsar in the Sikh tradition.
This shabad makes you enter in the realm of miracle and has been sung at least once a day in the Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar for over 400 years. There are numerous stories about how the reciting of this shabad has brought a miraculous intervention to seemingly hopeless personal situations.

In a time where the dark forces colludes toward the destruction and enslavement of humanity, this prayer is a God’s sent to those touched by its grace and inclined to practice it.

Thanks to the teaching of the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, thousands of people around the world now have the blessing of being able to call on the miracle of Guru Ram Das through the power of the Naad in the words of this shabad and through the sublime prayerful intention.

Yogi Ji said about this shabad: “Sooner or later this Panth (Dharma) must carry the load for the world, and you must remain united. You have to use this miraculous power which is around you for the sake of humanity. I see it. Also I have experienced that they have mocked us. And they will keep on mocking and keep on dying. It is so written.”

Blessed, blessed is Guru Ram Das; the One who created You has also exalted You.
Perfect is Your miracle; the Creator has installed You on a throne.
Sikhs as well as all Conscious people recognize You because you manifest the Creator.
You are unchanging, unfathomable and immeasurable;
You have no end or limitation.
You are unchanging, unfathomable and immeasurable;
Those who serve You with love are carried across the sea of existence.
The five obstacles of lust, anger, greed, pride and attachment:
You have beaten them and driven them out.
Blessed is Your realm, and True is Your magnificent glory.
You are Nanak, You are Angad, and You are Amar Daas;
When I recognize You, my soul is comforted.


Dhan dhan raam daas gur jin siri-aa tinai savaari-aa
Pooree hoee karaamaat aap sirajanhaarai dhaari-aa
Sikhee atai sangatee paarbrahm kar namasakaari-aa
Atal athaa-o atol too tayraa ant na paaraavaari-aa
Jinee too sayvi-aa bhaa-o kar say tudh paar utaari-aa
Lab lobh kaam krodh mo maar kadhay tudh saparvaari-aa
Dhan so tayraa thaan hai sach tayraa paisakaari-aa
Naanak too lehanaa toohai gur amar too veechaari-aa
Gur dithaa taa man saadhaari-aa

Language: Gurmukhi
Source: Siri Guru Granth Sahib

More Information:
This Sikh prayer or shabd is in praise of Guru Ram Das who is able to manifest miracles. This shabd is chanted to bring miracles into your life.


released December 16, 2018


all rights reserved



Siri Shabad Singh Malaysia

Siri Shabad Singh is a Kundalini Yoga instructor since 1983 offering Kundalini Yoga workshops focusing on the grounding of the KY basic techniques and the use of Mantras in Cyprus, Thailand and Malaysia. He is also a Health Practitioner (M.D. (A.M.), RPP), and a music and video producer.
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